Psychiatry Program

** This program is available for children, teens and adults **

We often hear from clients how challenging it is to be referred to a Psychiatrist (for those who are unsure, Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors who are able to diagnose mental health disorders and prescribe medication.)

Even if our clients are referred to a Psychiatrist, it can take up to a year to get your first appointment.

Three of our therapists have partnered with the Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic to offer clients access to Psychiatric referral and evaluation through video conference sessions.

This provides our clients with quicker access to Psychiatric services and follow up appointments if necessary. We are pleased to be able to offer this unique service to our clients.

  1. Jennifer, Shelley or Patricia begins working with a client. This process allows them to begin understanding the issues that are impacting the client and the opportunity to assess whether consultation with a psychiatrist (who is a medical doctor) could offer further necessary insight, evaluation, diagnosis and/or recommendations for medication, that would be beneficial for the client.
  2. The therapist and the client make the decision together whether a referral for this kind of further evaluation might be a positive step.
  3.  If yes, the therapist will fill out a referral form and Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic returns the referral with a form to be signed by the client’s family physician. When a client does not have a family physician we will work with you to find an alternate person (i.e., through an urgent care clinic).
  4. A date is set (usually within a month’s time)
  1. When the date for the appointment arrives, a video-conference between the client, therapist and the Psychiatrist is set up. The therapist has an opportunity to consult with the Psychiatrist for a few minutes at the beginning and end and is part of the consultation with the client.
  2. (The reasoning behind this is that sometimes it can be difficult for a client in this pressured situation to be sure that they are communicating all of the relevant information clearly and completely so that the Psychiatrist can adequately evaluate and make a solid diagnosis. The therapist can provide the psychiatrist with relevant information both before and after as well as support the conversation between Psychiatrist and Client.
  3. In the aftermath, the Psychiatrist can help direct the type of treatments that may be helpful for the specific needs of the client which will make the psychotherapeutic appointments that much more focused and effective.

If you have more questions about this brand-new service, please feel free to contact
us either at 519.302.2300 or email